Born Santiago De Chile, 1990

A chilean artist, Cárcamo is an alchemist of form, building unexpected connections between cultures, eras, and aesthetics. He combines a contemporary minimalist aesthetic with handcrafted artisanal production practices. Metamorphosis is the driving principle of Cárcamo’s life and work: he discovers creativity and exploration in moments of tumult, uncertainty, and transition. Finding inspiration in the dialogue between traditional chilean craft and Contemporary Trends, he creates works that transcend Time and Stylistic genres

In his Paris studio, Cárcamo’s practice combines equal parts technical innovation and emotional expressivity. His work seeks to find the infinite possibilities and hidden potential of each material and form. As he shapes materials with meticulous craftsmanship, Contours become fluid, lines pure, and emerging forms seem to capture the light itself. Cárcamo’s search for balance between solid and void, thin and thick, is a reflection of his inner quest for harmony