Born Sweden, 1985

A Swedish-born designer and creative director, Alexander Díaz Andersson composes objects, residences, and experiences that not only showcase considered aesthetics and attentive design, but that create enduring environments for great living. His designs are driven by what excites the senses and challenges his creativity, not the latest trends. With a passion for modernism and futurism, Díaz Andersson combines singular artistry and his Swedish Mexican influences to create designs with a rigorous sense of quality, comfort, and uniqueness

Raised in Sweden, Díaz Andersson studied in Spain before moving to the Yucatán peninsula, where he first started experimenting with furniture. Now located in Mexico City, Díaz Andersson’s furniture, sculptures, interiors, and hospitality projects are defined by a studied balance of chaos and structure, fluidity and function. Trained in industrial design, Díaz Andersson combines academic learning with knowledge passed down from experienced artist mentors and the energy of autodidactic exploration. His practice is both intuitive and informed by an understanding of history, process, and materials. Above all, Díaz Andersson’s guiding principle is pleasure

Díaz Andersson has been featured in Wallpaper Magazine, Architectural Digest, GQ, Surface, and Vogue. In 2019, he presented his collection in the prestigious Design Miami. The same year he opened his Mexico City gallery, ATRA, in the Roma Norte neighborhood