Born in Denmark, 1980

An award-winning Danish architect and designer known for her intuitive and playful approach, Boysen creates designs that invite interaction, play, and focus, encouraging an awareness of being in the moment and in the world. Working with a variety of materials and across media, Boysen’s consummate attention to detail produces sensual pieces that evoke emotion, engender surprise, and invite interaction. Seeking the essence of a design, her process celebrates clear form, pure feeling, and engaging experience. Following in the tradition of her family of cabinetmakers, Boysen’s long-lasting designs are characterized by unique craftsmanship and materials of the highest quality

After earning her degree in architecture and design from the Aarhus School, Boysen founded her eponymous studio in 2012. In addition to her work in collectible design, she is a product designer for Louis Poulsen, Kvadrat / Really, and Erik Jørgensen Furniture