Founded Amsterdam, Netherlands, 2021

An Amsterdam-based furniture design studio established by the Dutch and French born designers Nina and Pierre Constant, Atelier Constant celebrates its founders shared passion for exquisite artistry, craftsmanship, and the unparalleled attention to detail of mid-century design masterpieces

After honing aesthetic vocabularies, design principles, and artistic processes under design masters at studios across The Netherlands and Japan, Nina and Pierre came together to hone their shared passion for integrating heritage artisanship with an ultra-contemporary vision. Particularly inspired by the distinct and playful compositions of Venetian architecture, as well as its use of mixed materials, Atelier Constant was born. The couple’s work, and the firm’s practice, stems from the shared desire to pay special attention to the experience and meaning of an object

Atelier Constant’s first collection, “Egelantier,” consists of a series of sculptural furniture, with a focus on the interaction between traditional craftsmanship and modern technology