Founded Paris, France, 2020

Paris-based designers Guillaume Bellon & Antoine Bouillot unite to bring their unparalleled instincts for balance and sophistication to BELLONBOUILLOT, where they celebrate quality, precision, and uncompromising attention to detail in limited edition and custom furniture pieces. Guided by the belief that design defines human progress, they  create pieces with unique identity, rich craftsmanship, and grounded timelessness

Finding inspiration in the natural world and the poetry of everyday life, their clean lines, and organic forms create a dialogue between culture and nature through geometric mastery and spontaneous shapes. Their furniture is constructed in the tradition of generations-old savoir-faire: with noble materials and artisanal know-how. In a time of quick consumption, they make pieces that last

Bouillot is the founder and creative director of the architecture and interior design firm Honneur Society, which has created celebrated commercial and residential spaces around the world. Bellon is the founder of Shinoda, an art object and furniture studio, and Pathengers, a luxury timepiece company