Born Calw, Germany, 1962 

A German-born contemporary artist based in Canada, Birgit Piskor creates exceptional indoor-outdoor sculptures that are inspired by the transformative power of concrete and its ability to fulfill both the mundane requirements of civil engineers and the sublime vision of artists. Her abstract take on body, form, and geometry spurs dynamic shapes that take on lives of their own as they become part of the landscape of home and garden. Bold and sinewy, soft and fluid, luminous and dense, Piskor’s sculptures channel the industrial essence of concrete into shapes and textures that defy its inherent rigidity. The flowing organic concrete forms she produces are tactile expressions of transformation, visceral moments of beauty, and exuberant celebrations of life

Each of Piskor’s original sculptures is hand crafted with exceptional attention to detail. Working from sketches, she hand builds each sculpture using small hand-mixed batches of a modified concrete formulation. These sensual and organic forms are held in private collections around the world

Born in the Black Forest region of Germany, Piskor is a self-taught artist. She currently lives and works in the temperate rainforest of Vancouver Island, Canada, she founded her eponymous studio and gallery in 2010