Born Budapest, Hungary, 1992

A Hungarian object and furniture designer, Senteski celebrates the tension between past and future, decay and renewal, intentional and instinctive. Senteski is deeply influenced by the eclectic environment of Budapest, his hometown, where post-Soviet Brutalism blends with the opulence of Baroque, Neoclassical, and Art Nouveau masterworks. Senteski creates his unique and limited edition collectible design pieces by bringing together the eclectic elements of that urban landscape

Working with techniques of traditional craftsmanship and industrial innovation alike, Senteski’s approach is rooted in experimentation. Believing that materials show their true nature in the process of creation, Senteski allows the function and character of materials to guide his designs. Boldizar spent years experimenting with reflective and distressed surfaces, which resulted in his acclaimed collection of handmade silver mirror works

In his exclusive collections for STUDIOTWENTYSEVEN, Senteski pairs his mastery of light with ancient forms and noble materials to produce arresting sculptural pieces that feel at once primordial and contemporary

Senteski completed his Master’s Degree in Product Design at the Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design in Budapest, where he focused on perceptions of light and space, which continue to figure in his work. He worked in fashion, art direction, and product design before turning his focus to collectible furniture and object design. After further honing his craftsmanship and vision at Sebastian ErraZuriz, Senteski founded his eponymous studio. He is based between Paris, Budapest and New York