Born Pennsylvania, united states, 1984

A contemporary furniture designer based in California, hagerman believes in the social significance of the objects that we choose to surround ourselves with and the dynamic relationship we share with our day-to-day environment. With over a decade of artisanal experimentation and a deep understanding of the energies of clients and spaces, Hagerman creates furnishings that are characterized by functional design

INSPIRED BY SCANDINAVIAN modernism and California contemporary design alike, hagerman’s style is defined by clean, simple lines along with exposed wood and hardware, raw concrete, bare steel, and other natural edge materials. The resulting pieces are beautifully executed, resolutely practical, and singularly emotional. His extraordinary collection of sculptural one-of-a-kind fine hardwood pieces, exclusively for studiotwentyseven, newly exemplifies his singular vision and mastery of craft

Before founding his studio in Venice, California, hagerman trained under a master furniture maker in Sweden. His site specific furniture and limited edition collections have quickly become a favorite of collectors in los Angeles and throughout the united states