A French furniture designer, Louisy creates highly meaningful pieces through her use of exquisite materials, innovative techniques, and a deep respect for craft  She believes in collectible design as the site where furniture becomes sculpture and materiality becomes a bearer of history. Louisy’s approach is deeply influenced by her time in São Paulo, Brazil, working with the Campana Brothers 

In Brazil, she discovered her particular fondness for monolithic volumes In her opinion, they reflect the beauty of raw materials ‘I like balancing the design with curves and sharp lines until I reach the point where I can describe them as bodies,’ she says. Louisy often works with bronze, brass, stainless steel, wood, cotton, linen, jute and marble

In her exclusive collection for STUDIOTWENTYSEVEN, she demonstrates the beauty of her craftsmanship while exposing the beautiful brutality of raw materials

Based in Paris and Mumbai, LOUISY graduated from the prestigious Design Academy Eindhoven in the Netherlands, training under the guidance of Ilse Crawford and Formafantasma.