A French furniture and interior designer, Saulou sees design as a space for research  His process foregrounds experimentation to discover innovative forms, techniques, and materials  Each of his pieces is conceived as a sculpture in their own right, balancing simplicity and technical prowess  His work invites interactions between the user and the material, between traditional craftsmanship and industrial techniques, between poetic and expressive design

Salou is acclaimed for his unique works in slate and ornamental stones, which have a rich history in Salou’s native Anjou region of France   Salou’s designs celebrate the storied heritage of these materials and the artisans who shaped them, while playing with form, scale, and cutting-edge techniques to create objects that are personal and contemporary

A graduate of the French Academy of Fine Arts, Salou has collaborated with prestigious institutions and brands around the world, including Ligne Roset, Brossier Saderne, Harto, Limoges, and Bleu de Chauffe  He is the artistic director of Drugeot Manufacture. In 2022, he was named a laureate of the French Design 100