Born REGGIO EMILIA, Italy, 1970

An Italian Architect, designer, and creative director, Pagani creates iconic and timeless furniture pieces characterized by understated elegance, SOULFUL SHAPES, AND EXQUISITE MATERIALS. With an eclectic aesthetic vocabulary, he crafts intimate design narratives WHERE ROMANCE INTERTWINES WITH RAWNESS, LUXURY WITH SIMPLICITY, AND TRADITION WITH DARING, REVEALING A TIMELESS BEAUTY THAT TRANSCENDS CONVENTIONS. With a fusion of historical references, personal memories, avant-garde ideas, and pure materials, pagani designs sumptuous objects that enrich and enliven everyday life

Pagani’s designs are noted for their unconventional elegance that balances aesthetics and functionality, the past and the future, the timely and the timeless. Pagani believes that Sustainability in luxury is achieved through uncompromising quality and a local supply chain. PAGANI works with the finest Italian artisans, ensuring the highest quality and uncompromising attention to detail in the final product. each of pagani’s unique pieces represent the best of italian creativity, technical innovation and heritage artisanship

Since founding his eponymous design studio in 1995 in parma, pagani has become one of Italy’s most celebrated architects and designers. His interiors for the rock restaurant in Sardinia and Drogheria Parini in Milan have been featured in design publications worldwide, and his collections are a highly anticipated fixture of Milan design week