BORN Milan, ITALY, 1891

An extraordinary Italian designer, architect, and editor, Ponti is one of the most influential design visionaries of the Twentieth Century. An avant-garde conceptualist who refused boundaries between architecture, interior, and product design, Ponti remains renowned for his ambitious vision, mastery of form and surface, and indefatigable curiosity in everything from buildings to furniture and lighting to glassware, ceramics, and silverware. With his colorful, joyous, and sensuous designs that combine traditional craftsmanship, functionality, and Italian panache, Ponti invites La Dolce Vita, a life of fullness, play, and pleasure

A tireless advocate for innovation and creative solutions, Ponti founded the design magazine Domus in 1928 to promote open-mindedness towards new design thinking. It remains one of the world’s leading architecture and design publications