A ceramics artist based in New York, Anderson creates porcelain and stoneware objects that inspire introspection and invite us to ponder the human condition. Anderson’s artistic approach and aesthetic vocabulary are rooted in a sense of play and childlike wonder. His entire process  — throwing, assembling, and painting — is built around meditative make-believe. In his collections, he seeks to explore something ineffable about our collective humanity, reveling in the tension between the perfect and the imperfect, the embodied and the spiritual, our baser instincts and our highest ideals. Each of Anderson’s sculptures is multifaceted, unique, and crafted by his hand

In his exclusive collection for STUDIOTWENTYSEVEN, Anderson has created his boldest and most ambitious work yet. It achieves an extraordinary balance between the past and the future to feel absolutely present. It references familiar columns and vessels of the ancient world, yet simultaneously feels forward-looking even otherworldly. Anderson’s singular mastery of his medium is clear: in this collection, his interplay between exuberance and solemn elegance is nothing short of virtuosic

Born in Minneapolis, Anderson has worked with clay for over 25 years. He honed his artistry at the Anderson Ranch Arts Center and Haystack Mountain School of Craft under the direction of esteemed artists Andile Dyalvane, Tony Marsh, and Pete Pinnell. In 2012, he co-founded Apparatus, a design studio known for its lighting, furniture, and interiors. His work has been celebrated in preeminent design publications, including Wallpaper, AD France, T Magazine, and Hypebeast