Founded Paris, France, 2019

Founded by French architects and designers Raphaëlle Robert and Guillaume Fantin, Studio Le Cann is guided by the principle that simplicity is timeless. Devoutly minimalist in aesthetic, Le Cann creates interiors, furniture pieces, and design objects that are rooted in the purity of clean lines and the power of light to shape space. With an utterly contemporary yet timeless vision, the studio’s design process foregrounds traditional draftsmanship in order to develop exquisite harmony within a space or piece, balancing scale, form, and extraordinary attention to detail

Particularly inspired by Art Deco’s elegant geometry, unified design principles, and fusion of artistry with functionality, Le Cann has mastered the art of restraint to highlight extraordinary craftsmanship and contrapuntal textures. By infusing their pieces with references to architectural and design history, the fine arts, music, and film, Le Cann brings unusual warmth, emotion, and personality to minimalism, producing understated designs of singular energy and verve

Robert and Fantin met at École Bleue in Paris. They honed their craft and aesthetic vision designing commercial, retail, and residential spaces for legendary Parisian design firms including Marie Deroudilhe, Thierry Lemaire, Andrée Putman, and Joseph Dirand