Born Stockholm, Sweden, 1979

One of Sweden’s most coveted interior and product designers, Liljencrantz specializes in midcentury-inspired furniture impeccably executed with traditional Scandinavian woodworking techniques. With a focus on long-lasting natural materials and good craftsmanship, Liljencrantz’s design pays great attention to every detail in the process, resulting in multi-layered, elegant, and timeless works. Celebrating authentic craftsmanship, exquisite materials, and uncompromising design, every piece is handcrafted by the master cabinetmakers at K.F.K. Snickerier in Stockholm

Liljencrantz founded her award-winning international design studio in 2009. Taking on private as well as commercial projects, they work with a wide range of clients creating luxurious interiors and exquisite furniture for residences, retail, and hospitality