BORN Le Mans, FRANCE, 1988

A French designer and interior architect, Recope creates spaces, furniture pieces, and objects that exemplify purity, simplicity, and timelessness. Drawing upon midcentury design principles and traditional craftsmanship, Recope’s work reinterprets and elevates classic silhouettes and techniques to create designs that are utterly contemporary, refreshing, and elegant. Recipe’s singular pieces pay homage to the incomparable history of French design, and are replete with hidden tributes to the master artists and artisans in whose footsteps he proudly follows

Noted for his extraordinary attention to detail and exquisite finishes, Recope imbues classic geometries with a bold and elemental approach to breathtaking effect. Sophisticated, architectural, and playful, his work invites us to honor the heritage of what has come before and dream into what might not yet seem possible. Each of his pieces is handcrafted by master artisans in France

After graduating from L’Ecole Bleue in Paris, Recope honed his craft training under celebrated architects and designers Luis LaPlace, Didier Gomez, and Hedvig Ersman. The exquisite interiors he has created for public spaces and private homes in France have made him one of the most sought-after designers in Paris. His furniture can be found in the homes of discerning collectors around the world