Born France, 1959 and 1970

Interior designer Charles Tassin and visual artist Maylis Queyrat create elegant and timeless neo-bourgeois furniture pieces rooted in the legendary French decorative arts of the mid-twentieth century. In a richly collaborative process at Galerie May, their atelier in Paris, the duo resists the contemporary trend towards minimalism in favor of an innovative reinterpretation of the opulence, effortlessness, and lightness of the 1970s. Exceptional in their attention to detail, texture, and light, Tassin and Queyrat combine relaxed chic with unapologetic exuberance to create extraordinary pieces that set the standard for refined luxury, reinvented elegance, and uninhibited glamour

From different artistic backgrounds but with a shared aesthetic vision, the pair imbue their creations with sublime tension and harmony, balancing the masculine and the feminine, rigor, and madness, the structural and the organic. Working in open dialogue with the finest artisans in France, Tassin and Queyrat bring their designs to fruition with heritage craftsmanship and unparalleled quality

Tassin was born into a Parisian family of antique dealers and designers, establishing his own interior design studio in the 1990s. Queyrat grew up in the Loire Valley and trained as a visual artist before turning to the more collaborative practice of furniture design