Founded Rome, Italy 2020

a multidisciplinary creative studio based in Rome, naessi is rooted in the idea of fluidity and seeks to build unexpected connections.  founded by Eleonora Carbone and Alessandro D’Angeli, The studio works at the intersection of art direction, design, and creative consultancy. The two founders have different backgrounds that complement each other and drive the studio’s creative vision. Together, they develop storytelling strategies that blend cultural and poetic values with an entrepreneurial vision and a contemporary aesthetic. The fluid nature of the studio allows the duo to explore the poetics of objects, concepts, and spaces with a conscious vision of creativity and a hybrid approach

Founded in 2020, the studio works with established brands on a wide range of projects, from product design to brand identity. Carbone has a background in architecture, interior design, and concept development, while D’Angeli is a product and visual designer with experience in creative direction. Naessi has produced many designs for various Italian brands, including the elegant Phil glassware collection for Blueside Emotional Design and the artistic Shelf Musa for Mogg