Born Como, Italy, 1985

An Italian Artist, Spinelli creates achingly poetic and architectural sculptural works. He embraces the idea of artist as philosopher, resolute in his belief that a slow, deep, and intentional practice of creation is an act of resistance in a shallow information age. Foregrounding dynamism and fluidity in process over a specific vision of product, Spinelli’s works are nonetheless singular in their integrity, at once intimateLY expressive and passionately researched. He conceives of his works as transformative tools to activate an emotional and intellectual response in the viewer. His works function as poetry, Inviting us to introspection and to become keen interpreters of our own experience

Trained as an architect, SPinelli graduated from the Polytechnic University of Milan in 2012. that same year, he received a Master’s degree in Rome, specializing in Architecture and archeology. In 2014, Spinelli founded his atelier in Monza, Italy, a city renowned for its rich history of heritage craftsmanship. His work has been featured in premier design publications and at leading art and design fairs