Born Paris, France, 1995 

A French architect and designer, Saint Maur draws upon a deep knowledge of classic and contemporary design idioms to create timeless spaces and pieces. Driven by the idea that great design is incomplete until it’s lived in, his work simultaneously elevates and celebrates everyday life, with all its mishaps, surprises, and moments of beauty. Saint Maur’s furniture and interiors ground us as we create the great stories of our lives, inviting us to risk, wonder, and leap into the unknown

Saint Maur’s aesthetic vocabulary of rugged elegance is also deeply rooted in a sense of history and location, incorporating the traditions and craftsmanship of all the places he has lived and worked: Paris, Italy, the United Kingdom, and New York. Each place is reflected in the extraordinary detail and sophistication of his work, giving a sense of worldliness while still feeling like home. Handmade by the finest artisans, Saint Maur’s collection offers an unparalleled balance of comfort, daring, and grace

Born in Paris, Saint Maur studied architecture in Rome and Glasgow, receiving his degree from the acclaimed University of Strathclyde. He went on to work for years under legendary architect and designer Pierre Yovanovitch, refining his vision and craft