Born NANTES, France, 1990

A French interior, furniture and object designer, Guénec welds together centuries-old traditions and hypermodern aesthetics in a search for absolute truth. Bringing together ancient spirituality and contemporary technology, Guénec transfigures materials to reveal their innate beauty. Particularly fascinated with the permanence of objects and the strength of symbols, He reimagines the mysteries of the past and anticipates possibilities for the future to create a unique dance between tradition and innovation

At his multidisciplinary studio, Guénec foregrounds technique along with a bold artistic vision. He honed his deep respect and understanding for the highest level of artistry during his six-year tenure at Atelier Saint Jacques. There, he worked with legendary architects and designers, including Mathieu Lehanneur, Noe Duchaufour-Lawrance, Konstantin Grcic, Peter Marino, Joseph Dirand, and Jean Nouvel, developing the hands-on knowledge and global vision that distinguishes his approach. Each of his pieces is handmade and co-signed by the finest French and European artisans

Born in Nantes, Guénec grew up in an artistic, literary, musical and spiritual environment. After studying at the Ateliers de Sevres, he matriculated at the École Nationale des Beaux-Arts before boldly leaving academia to apprentice with master artisans around Europe. In 2022, he founded his creative studio, based between Paris and New YorK