Born NEW DELHI, India, 1978


Born AMBALA CANTT, India, 1979

Founded by lead designers Prateek Jain and Gautam Seth, klove Studio plays with objects and light to explore form in different dimensions. Jain and Seth create extraordinary sculptural objects and lighting installations that transform space into surreal dimensions. Redefining the way luxury lighting is designed and produced in India, klove combines traditional Indian craftsmanship with contemporary vision and bold experimentation

In their emotional and evocative works, klove transcends boundaries — between past and present, form and function, humanity and nature — with the ineffable power of light. Jain and Seth are Exacting in their pursuit of perfection and are dedicated to making timeless, resonant Luxury lighting objects. Imbued with nuance and poetry, each piece is handmade to the highest standards by skilled glassblowers and fine artisans in India.