Born IZMIR, turkey, 1997

A Turkish interior architect and designer, Güneş creates sculptural furniture pieces that invite fantasy, daydreams, and wonder. The foundational principle of her work is that emotional resonance — a piece’s power to evoke strong feelings, connections, and memories — is among furniture’s most vital functions, not an aesthetic afterthought. Güneş shapes form and color as conduits to emotion, creating abstract collectible pieces that provide a respite from quotidian life and allow us to expand the limits of our imagination

Inspired by serenity of the natural world, Güneş engenders a sense of warmth and harmony through sculptural forms and pastel colors. Exquisitely handcrafted in turkey, her furniture references the Memphis and art deco movements in its playful style, richness of material, and high level of craftsmanship

A rising star in the design scene of Istanbul, Güneş has had her work featured in select publications around the world and is exclusively represented by Studiotwentyseven