Born Sydney, Australia, 1972

An interior and furniture designer based in London, Körner finds inspiration for her aesthetic vocabulary in memories of her childhood in Australia. A proudly “New World” designer, her work embraces a sense of play and the freedom to explore different cultures and attitudes, unbounded by the formal strictures and unspoken rules that still dominate traditional European design practices. Relentlessly curious, Körner designs irreverent spaces and furniture objects that achieve a singular balance of elegance, fun, and comfort

Drawing upon a deep knowledge of classical and modern design, Körner pushes the boundaries of color and form to create spectacular furniture that is as playful as it is sophisticated. Her furniture pieces intrigue and delight, inviting us to slow down, cozy up, and remember our inner child. Körner’s unique signature is combining a mastery of design, love of color, extraordinary materials, and flawless craftsmanship with an unabashed celebration of adventure and joie de vivre

Körner established her eponymous design practice in 2009 following the success of Körner Skincare, her design-centric cosmetics brand which received the Wallpaper* Design Award. She has created award-winning interiors and furniture for private homes and public spaces, winning wide acclaim for her sunny design of the London restaurant Muse