Born Bordeaux, France, 1990

A French designer and artist, Capdepuy’s unique design approach combines seemingly incongruous processes and materials to create extraordinary objects and furniture pieces that astonish the eye and stir the soul. Always seeking to tell a story through each object, Capdepuy allows his rich and enthralling materials to speak for themselves, favoring techniques that reveal rather than obscure their natural beauty. Guided by this philosophy, Capdepuy’s designs are poetic and emotional, inviting us into a sustained, nuanced, and meditative conversation with the object

Capdepuy’s multidisciplinary process incorporates the aesthetic vocabularies and practices of sculpture, painting, and architecture alongside his mastery of furniture design. He draws on a wide variety of artisanal techniques and skills to accomplish the highest level of craftsmanship. Working by hand, Capdepuy employs carving, sanding, painstaking chiseling, and more, guided by the idiosyncratic character of each material

Based in Bordeaux, Capdepuy graduated from the Montpellier National School of Architecture in 2013. Seeking to bridge the divide between the intellectual rigor of his instructors and the practical knowledge of working artisans, he became a master craftsman in his own right, with a deep understanding of aesthetic theory and material practice alike