Born France, 1996

French interior architects, designers, and twin brothers, Alexandre and Maxence Roche draw their primary inspiration from the wild forests of France where they grew up. Combining the wonders of the natural world with a deep understanding of art and design, they create objects and furniture pieces that singularly combine raw materiality with aesthetic sophistication. Utterly contemporary but rooted in the primordial earth, their work achieves an exquisite balance between the severe beauty of unbounded nature and sophistication of cosmopolitan life

Guided by the maxim that furniture is jewelry for the home, Alexandre and Maxence carefully consider each piece’s relationship with the body, space, and time. Every design tells a story, infused with both their personal experiences and a sweeping historical perspective, inviting us to ponder wilderness, the planet, and our place in the universe. Each piece is handcrafted by master artisans in Paris

After completing their Masters of Interior Architecture from the Ecole Hourdé ESAT, Alexandre and Maxence founded their furniture and design studio in Paris. They are also award-winning theater scenographers, bespeaking their nuanced understanding of telling stories through objects