Born Senigallia, italy, 1967

AN ITALIAN artist, MELCHIORRI ingeniously uses PURE MATERIALS to uncover CLEAN AND TIMELESS DESIGNs. He is dedicated to exploring the undiscovered possibilities of material and form to create one-of-a-kind works of audacity, integrity, and intelligence. With a unmatched facility with raw materials, Melchiorri CREATES UNIQUE works that reflect a Sui generis aesthetic vocabulary, a deep understanding of the history of art and design, and an unapologetically contemporary vision

Working between London and Milan, MELCHIORRI is actively involved in every stage of the artistic process, from conception to drafting to manufacture. Intentionally resisting industrialized means of production, MELCHIORRI works closely with artisans whose mastery of heritage craftsmanship is unparalleled. Together, they draw upon a deep knowledge of design, materials, and production techniques to create his timeless works. A series of his work is exclusive to studiotwentyseven, and is customizable to meet the needs of each collector