Born Paris, France, 1922

Born and raised in Paris, iconic lighting designer Mouille began his career creating silverware before shifting his focus to light fixtures. His minimalist aesthetic, which paired streamlined form with the vibrant luminosity of both metal and light, contributed to a body of work that continues to maintain a timeless appeal in contemporary design. He saw his own practice as a corrective to the complicated Italian models that dominated the market. Large and graphic, Mouille’s lamps contorted black-painted metal forms, often designed to hang from walls and ceilings. In his later work, Mouille embraced advances in neon lighting to develop new forms that showcased their dynamism of incandescence and embarked on larger industrial lighting design projects

Mouille entered the master silversmith diploma program at the School of Applied Arts in Paris at age 15 and apprenticed under Gilbert Lacroix before founding his lighting studio. He was inducted into the French National Art Society and the Society of Decorative Artists and was awarded an honorary diploma at the Brussels Expo