Born BURSA, Turkey, 1992

a Turkish architect and designer, Gülmen obsessively focuses on the effect of space and furniture design on human psychology and emotions. She creates highly expressive sculptural furniture that invites celebration and Intimacy. Fearless in her combination of bold geometric forms and striking colors, Gülmen creates exuberant, irreverent, and glamorous pieces that are nonetheless resolutely functional. Her work is rooted in the belief that furniture is a form of personal expression and should evoke strong emotions.  For Gülmen, design has the power not only to transform space, but also to change us

Based in Istanbul, Gülmen founded her eponymous Interior design and furniture studio, along with her husband, Ahmet Vedat Gülmen, shortly after graduating from Maltepe University. The pair are among the most sought after interior architects in the middle east and Europe, and their work has been featured in design publications worldwide. Gülmen is exclusively represented by studiotwentyseven