Founded Paris, 2021

Founded by Pierre-Yves Guenec and Victor Guedy, SOHWL is a timeless design brand that creates precious objects both inspired and produced by the finest French master craftsmen. With deep roots in the world-renowned artisanship of Ateliers Saint-Jacques, Guenec and Guedy combine their knowledge of heritage workmanship in metal, stone, and marble with a singularly forward-looking vision. The world of SOHWL reimagines the mysteries of the past and anticipates the possibilities of the future to create a unique dance between tradition and innovation

Deriving its name from an ancient word for the sun, SOHWL exalts the power, pleasure, and divinity of our star. Universal, eternal, and in perfect geometry, the sun is the ultimate creative inspiration for SOHWL’s exquisite designs. All pieces are handmade in France and bear the signatures of their master craftsmen

A graduate of the Beaux-Arts School, musician, designer, and master blacksmith, Guenec is the Managing Director of Ateliers Saint-Jacques USA and the Creative Director of SOHWL. A philosophy graduate, calligrapher, sculptor, and master stone carver, Guedy is the Chargé d’Affaires for Ateliers Saint-Jacques and is the Operations Director of SOHWL