A POLISH DESIGNER AND MASTER CARPENTER, bensari breathes new life into the rich tradition of European cabinetry. Combining traditional craftsmanship with a singular imagination and his deep knowledge of modernist design, bensari’s pieces are renowned for their exquisite simplicity and functionality. His process begins and ends in the sacred space of the carpentry workshop. There, among traditional tools and the soothing scent of wood, bensari conceptualizes and builds durable, beautiful, and functional pieces of art

The beginning of bensari’s adventure with carpentry was personal — he started by creating furniture for his five children. He wanted them to be surrounded by beautiful objects from an early age. It is also a kind of his personal manifesto: for him, furniture is a testimony of passion, self-development, and striving for a fulfilled life. Bensari also believes that in times of widespread mechanization, returning to traditional methods is a cathartic experience

Following a successful career as an attorney, bensari founded his own studio after two decades of studying traditional carpentry. His work has been featured in design publications worldwide and has become a favorite of discerning design collectors