Benjamin Foucaud, Thomas Moisan, Florence Louisy & Brent Warr for STUDIOTWENTYSEVEN

Colorado Collection for STUDIOTWENTYSEVEN

In his first exclusive collection for Studiotwentyseven, Benjamin Foucaud starts with a seminal approach to furniture, echoing stories of the creation of the world. With a playful and joyful vocabulary, this unique dreamlike collection where mineral and vegetable shapes and textures come together, is shaped by the hand and the imagination

Benjamin Foucaud

The Perenne Collection for STUDIOTWENTYSEVEN

The raw and sophisticated Perenne Collection designed exclusively for Studiotwentyseven echoes the tension between lines, curves and angles. The unity of material gives this range of furniture a minimalist and ro- bust appearance. Each structure is singular and monolithic and tends towards a timeless and as-cetic design

Thomas Moisan


The Gemelli Chair duo has been imagined as two fraternal – not identical – twins. Carved by hand in solid oak according to a pattern, their final shape adapts to the roughness of the wood, which gives them a unique character. Each chair demostrates the beauty of craftsmanship

Florence Louisy


Standing at 2.4m tall, the Rif floor lamp is a playful yet demanding presence in any room. Crafted by hand, it is made out of complex plaster, pulp and an epoxy mix and then painted in a creamy white

Brent Warr