Paw Chair by BellonBouillot & Zebina for STUDIOTWENTYSEVEN

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Photo BellonBouillot Studio
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An ultra-luxe, utterly contemporary, and undeniably playful twist on iconic Modernist low-level seating designs, BellonBouillot’s  Paw Chair invites us not just to sit in sumptuous comfort but to live differently: with comfort and style, playfulness and elegance, whimsy and sophistication. Aptly named, the Paw is a kind of monumental and elevated recollection of your favorite teddy bear, evoking nostalgia, calm, and coziness

A sensual delight for the child within us, the Paw is a bold piece of sculptural, functional art that enchants the eye, rejoices the heart, and elevates the spirit. Resolutely honest and functional, its cleanly curved lines, softly rounded forms, perfect proportions, and exquisite construction create an unparalleled sitting experience of ultimate comfort and elegance

Exclusively for STUDIOTWENTYSEVEN, signed, and of a numbered edition, the Paw brings vivacity, character, and refinement to any interior

STUDIOTWENTYSEVEN represents contemporary, iconic, limited edition and collectible design
It was established in 2018. Founder and Creative Director Nacho Polo. Director Robert Onuska

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