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Niko Koronis creates a family of furniture in resin available at STUDIOTWENTYSEVEN

Words Caroline Williamson
Photo Niko Koronis Studio
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Designer Niko Koronis created a family of furniture inspired by the work of Carlo Scarpa, an Italian architect whose work was heavily influenced by Venetian culture, materials, and landscape. The trio of works, including a console, bench, and side table/stool, aren’t made from traditional furniture making materials like wood or metal – they’re made with resin, resulting in a glycerin soap-like appearance

Throughout the production process, the studio noticed how the material reacted to light where precise edges became almost transparent when light hit them. Tiny changes of just a few millimeters in thickness had the ability to dramatically change the overall color of the piece, while a small shift in the pigment quality significantly altered the piece’s opacity/transparency. While resin is a chemically produced material, Koronis’ team discovered that it reacts in a more organic nature

The G resin collection is a limited series but each piece can be customized upon request as far as size and color goes