STUDIOTWENTYSEVEN showcases furniture made entirely from Italian limestone

Words Bridget Cogley
Photo Annick Vernimmen

A series of matching stoneware designs by French designers Francesco Balzano and Valeriane Lazard is on display at STUDIOTWENTYSEVEN gallery in Miami. The limited-edition Primitif collection is the result of a collaboration between the designers, and includes eight pieces all made of the same material

Included in the set are a stool, table, bench, side table, coffee table, jars, wall light and paperweight

Each is carved from beige-coloured Pietra di Medici limestone quarried in Italy, so they all have similar textures and tone. Simple monolithic shapes were also used across the different-sized pieces

‘The design is a tribute to fabulous U.K architectural site of Stonehenge,’ said the designers

A long pale stone bench is made from two arched bases that support a flat slab of limestone. Adding cohesiveness to the collection, a bedside table titled Gueridon has a similarly thick top and is the same height as the bench

The Totem series of five stone jars perfectly stack atop each other to form a rounded stone pillar. A cover seals off the design, and can fit on each of the vessels – all of which are different heights

‘The result of this work is the expression of a minimal discussion drawn by two French designers inspired by timeless lines and functions,’ said a statement from STUDIOTWENTYSEVEN

A coffee table is constructed from four legs with a six-cornered top. The opposite sides are parallel to each other, forming a stretched hexagon shape

Two circular designs stacked on top of each other with a pillar between form a side table. A light source sits inside to transform the table into a lamp. The collection also includes a wall lamp in the shape of an elongated oval. A hollowed section in its centre fills with light and disperses the rays when switched on