Opens New York Flagship

Words Camryn Spratt
Photo William Jess Laird, Sean Davidson & Karl Simone
Location STUDIOTWENTYSEVEN New York Gallery
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Somewhere between artwork and artifact, a gallery is born. Retaining both grandiosity and comfort, illuminating history whilst facilitating the contemporary, suffusing luminosity with a union of natural and custom lighting; a space in between spaces resides. Within a moment of surprise, STUDIOTWENTYSEVEN is born, and like all living things, is characterized by dichotomy as much as it is breathing

Located in the historical Tribeca Textile Building and bearing the interior design of a modern-day rotunda with curved walls and soft silhouettes, STUDIOTWENTYSEVEN is the creation of Nacho Polo and Robert Onuska. Honoring New York City’s unique history in a contemporary context, the two have struck a harmonious balance, allying monumental scale and swathed intimacy

The empirical is the catalyst with Polo and Onuska. Upon entering the building’s elaborately carved façade, one is immediately immersed in the moody and sensual atmosphere of timeless treasures. Featuring a collection that is comprised of pieces both luxurious and minimal, as well as unique and made-to-order, in the realm of aesthetic design, there is something to be learned through an experience shaped by surroundings–a moment that defies categorization

How was STUDIOTWENTYSEVEN born? When did you both (Nacho & Robert) meet and  what’s the story behind your ongoing collaboration with one another?

Nacho: Leveraging my background in interior design and passion for art and design, I founded  STUDIOTWENTYSEVEN a couple of years prior to the opening of our first gallery in Miami in  2018 with an initial focus on Scandinavian design. Robert and I met serendipitously at Soho  House Miami during Art Basel, discovering an instant connection in addition to a shared vision  for the world of design.

STUDIOTWENTYSEVEN’s success was instant. Our clientele reacted extremely positively to my curation of these Scandinavian works.This rapid success led me to enlist Robert to help  manage the business. He was the perfect match for the company due to his expertise in luxury fashion. We grew personally and professionally with deep mutual respect and a commitment to  infusing every aspect of our lives and work with contemporary art and design




What drew you to the Tribeca Textile Building as a location for the gallery? How did you  think about set, setting, and history when creating STUDIOTWENTYSEVEN?

Nacho and Robert: We live in Tribeca and were always captivated by the monumental entrance, beauty and rich architecture of The Textile Building designed by renowned Architect Henry J. Hardenbergh and  built in 1900. We noticed it was listed for rent while walking in the neighborhood. We later  discovered that our space was once Chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten’s nouveau-Chinese  restaurant 66 adding to the rich history of the gallery

In designing the gallery, we wanted to honor the heritage of the space while infusing our unique  vision. The gallery’s 16-foot-tall windows flood the space with natural light, creating an  immersive experience that connects aesthetics and emotion. Every detail, from the custom lighting to the oversized hand-carved chestnut door, by carpenters based in Beirut, to the  special playlist by Mia Moretti, was chosen to create a sensory journey that feels both monumental and intimate




When we think of galleries in the fine art context we usually think of the classic white cube, which can be rather sterile. How did you approach creating a space that feels welcoming and intimate?

Nacho and Robert: We wanted to break away from tradition and create a space that feels like an extension of our home. We incorporated elements like curved walls, a rotunda, and cozy spaces for quiet  conversation. By integrating pieces from our personal contemporary art collection, we added depth and dimension, showcasing how art and design coexist. Our goal was to make the gallery feel luxurious and sophisticated, yet genuinely welcoming




What in the contemporary design world excites you at the moment?

Nacho and Robert: There is so much innovation happening in the contemporary design world right now, but we are particularly inspired by pieces that tell a story and evoke emotion. We constantly seek artists  who share this philosophy. We are fortunate to work with artists like Luna Paiva, who breathes new life into everyday objects, and Benjamin Foucaud, whose use of raw materials adds palpable authenticity to his creations. Each of our artists and designers bring a unique  perspective to timelessness, and we are eager to continue unlocking this beauty




You have a new gallery opening this year in London. What can we look forward to?

Nacho and Robert: Our new London gallery will be an extension of what we’ve created in New York, but with its  own unique character. The curation will include exclusive works from both established and emerging artists alongside contemporary art from our personal art collection. As always, our goal is to create a space that seamlessly merges art and design showcasing our artists in a new light and changing the expectation of a gallery experience