Born Amiens, France, 1980

A French designer and craftsman, Foucaud is determined to listen to his unconscious more than his logic. Drawing inspiration from his dreams and inner journeys, he creates spontaneous, surreal, adventurous, and radical designs that celebrate unorthodox paths, freedom and true self 

Trained as a cabinet maker, Foucaud primarily uses traditional techniques and centuries-old manual tools to deliver unique and sculptural pieces, wood becomes rich or humble, rough or sophisticated, simple or surprising. In his design process, he engages like a sculptor in hand-to-hand combat with wood and the different materials he uses, giving idiosyncratic character to every piece in his handcrafted collections, in limited editions and exclusive pieces for STUDIOTWENTYSEVEN, which seem to defy categorization  

Born in Amiens, France, he pursued a career as a Creative Director in digital before devoting himself to the design and manufacture of unique and high-end furniture for clients such as Wes Anderson. His work has been featured in premier design publications around the world, including Vogue France